In a world of thriving and fast-growing entrepreneurship, our culture sings the same song over and
over - money equals success.  And even though money is what pays the bills and provides all our
earthly comforts, what is doing the job of providing for and feeding your heart?

The Beyond Workshop was born out of a desire to do more with your business than just make money.
It was designed to stretch you beyond the familiar click of the shutter, the dizzying pace of client meetings and ultra-fast wedding days, and the exhausting hours spent behind the scenes.  It is a time of freedom - a time
that allows you to refocus, to pull the camera from your face, slow it all down - and listen.

There is a world in need - people with voices waiting to be heard.
You can make impact with your talents, success, and a little courage,
and in return have your life transformed unlike anything you've ever imagined.



The first half of the workshop is devoted to intentional business development
sessions and breathtaking styled shoots to enhance your portfolio. With the Nile
River as a backdrop, every morning is a renewed revelation of inspiration.


Our speakers are industry professionals who share from their heads as well as their hearts.
With a focus on increasing your business to not only care for yourself and your family, but to
give back to those beyond your front door.  This will also be an incredibly special time to
network, and to get to know your fellow attendees and vendors.


The styled shoots are always a creative compilation of fresh, Ugandan-inspired content that
can beautifully amplify your wedding portfolio. These shoots are also an amazing time
to watch and learn from Nina & Wes and the rest of the team, as well as your peers.




The Importance of Honesty & Integerity in Your Business

The Importance of Networking

People Over Profit

Floral Design & Instruction

Getting Published

The Importance of Brand Consistency

How to Capture Emotion

How to Work with Models & Non-Models Alike



The second half of the workshop is spent doing hands-on volunteer work with the people of Uganda.
This is the true heartbeat of the workshop - where everything we have learned and talked through
during the first part of the workshop is given opportunity to come to life.
We put words into actions - potential to physical.  We will be working with Sole Hope, an organization that is
offering hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief.
At the end of the day, your face may be dirty, your body sweaty and tired -
but your heart will be full.  You will be challenged like never before. 
You will leave Uganda changed.  You will see life differently. 
And it will be good.



The true purpose of the Beyond Workshop is that is doesn't end when you
get on the plane to fly back home.  We hope that this experience is just a catalyst that
throws you into the messiness of life and forces you to explore you own city and your own
community to find those in need.  You don't have to fly to a country thousands of miles away to be the
change you want to see in the world.  We hope that this intentional time simply lights a flame
in your heart to influence change that burns brightly forever.