Just before the earthquake hit and devastated the nation, Lexia Frank (a Beyond Workshop attendee!)
went to Nepal and captured this footage with just her iPhone.

"When Nina and Wes announced they would be having a workshop in Nepal, and it was also going to combine service and volunteering, AND that the proceeds were going to amazing causes, I knew I had to be a part of it somehow...I can confidently say that even as a seasoned professional, this experience was nothing short of amazing because of the work we did there, and the reconnecting I did with my own heart and the direction I wanted my business to go.  Never expecting to grow professionally, I came away with a much clearer vision of future goals for myself, a tighter niche market of clients I wanted to service and work with, and beautiful relationships."

- Lexia Frank, Wedding Photographer | Oregon

"The Beyond Workshop is amazing; I definitely recommend it to anyone who is passionate about photography, culture, beauty, and the humility that comes with serving others in whatever capacity you can...Professionally, the best part of the workshop was the one-on-ones I had with Nina, Wes, Abany & Carrie whose individualized attention helped me focus on envisioning and creating a business and branding that really reflects who I am and the beauty I want to add to the world. Interpersonally, I loved the moments of vulnerability we all shared in our sessions and the wild, bright moments of joy we found while we explored the jewels of Nagarkot and Kathmandu. My favorite moments, however, were spent with the women I served at the Aamas Home, wiggling shy smiles from their lined, kind faces, pantomiming our way beyond the language barrier and into each others hearts. Take part in the Beyond Workshop; you'll cherish each memory."

- Andreina Martinez, Photographer | England



"This isn’t just a workshop for photographers,
this is a workshop for anyone who wants to grow
and give back."

- Jake Colletta, Filmmaker | North Carolina


"I've attended other conferences or workshops, and a lot of the times I walked away overwhelmed, with a long task list of items needing to change. Walking away from {The Beyond Workshop} I walked away refreshed and inspired!  I loved how the speakers were not just there to teach, but to really open themselves up and engage in intentional relationship and conversation with the attendees and were completely honest with any questions that were asked of them personally and about their business. "

- Kim Rico, Event Planner + Stylist | California


"The workshop affected me in so many ways.
A huge highlight for me was working at the Mother Theresa's House of the Dying. Being able to serve the elderly there, give them baths, dress them and provide some sort of comfort and happiness to them made my heart so very happy. To see their poverty, their pain and bring some sort of relief to them effected me greatly. It was probably the hardest and most emotional part of the workshop for me, but by far the most profoundly impactful and life changing."

- Carrie Moe, Floral Designer | Type A Society - California

"I really think The Beyond Workshop is something totally different from other workshops...As I think back about it I realize it’s actually not a photography workshop. For me it’s a lifetime experience which I shared with a group of other creatives!  I think the total mix and setup of the workshop was perfect! For me the work we did for 3Seams stands out. I really, really loved the fact we volunteered and that we could use our photography skills to help this organization!

[Before the workshop] I really wondered about all the people that were participating in this workshop. They were all sweet, beautiful souls. Even as I was the only European. I felt such a great connection with everybody.  I seriously thought about participating again next year."

- Bianca Rijkenbarg, Wedding Photographer | Netherlands